What are the 6 Steps to Streamlining your Small Business?

Starting with an objective analysis of your business, we'll create a plan of action that will form the basis of the following six meetings. Each month we'll meet  in my Video Conferencing Room and choose the top changes needed, discuss the best way to tackle them, and set up a plan of action for you to work on until we meet the following month.

We'll catch up  again at the mid-month point to check in with your progress and any barriers that you may have encountered, and you'll receive a business building tip each week to keep you inspired and motivated.

I've been working closely with Chrissy Crust to help develop and grow my business. She has given me an injection of confidence, terrific resources, connections and ideas, and a new entrepreneurial outlook. Chrissy is dynamic, forward thinking, and has vast and varied experience in the business world. Add to this her generosity of spirit and willingness to share her knowledge in her clear, informed and supportive manner, and you have a formidable coach that is going to help you go places fast.

Amanda Webb, Editor and Copywriter

Step 1 - Create a Strategic Plan

  • Take time out from your business to renew your vision and refresh your motivation
  • Work with a dedicated business mentor to uncover your barriers to growth
  • Have the support of a sounding board for your ideas and aspirations

Starting with the "Lifting the Lid on Your Business" Discovery Session, we meet either in my Video Conferencing Room, or in person (only available for Sydney-based business owners. Other locations - POA). We'll look at your business from the outside in, from the big picture right through to the day to day. It's the gaps we'll be looking for, the places where the goals aren't being achieved and your hard work is being absorbed without the expected return.

Together we'll lay out a plan to guide your actions over the coming 6 months. Then we'll modify and adjust as we go to make sure you're building a foundation for future growth.


Step 2 - Establish operational efficiency

  • Create smooth, efficient workplace systems that minimise wasted time and resources, and maximise your profit margin.
  • Put a stop to lost opportunities caused by poor communication and gaps in the sales process from lead to closure.
  • Ensure your current and future staff members have clearly defined roles, understand their responsibilities and have the skills and knowledge to deliver excellent service every time.

If your business operations aren't in good shape, you won't get the return on your investment of time, energy and funds. Many small business owners operate solo for many years, taking on all roles. When it's time to recruit staff, there are no documented procedures for them to follow, or they're out of date or incomplete. I've seen this time and again as one of the greatest sources of small business overwhelm.

We'll review what you have and create what you don't have. The solutions may include expert advice or specialist services where appropriate. Anything's possible, everything's streamline-able.


Step 3 - Gain Financial Clarity

  • Review your current accounting software, the systems you use to maintain and the reports you use.
  • Identify the numbers that matter, those that will have the greatest impact on your profit margin when they're operating at full strength.
  • Create a weekly and monthly reporting structure that gives you the clarity to make decisions based on what's really happening in your business, not what you think might  be.

When you have your systems in place delivering efficiency and consistency, your business will be ready to handle the changes that come with growth. But how much growth? What have you achieved to date? How would you rate your financial management skills? Do you know what drives your best business results? Even the most spreadsheet-averse owners need to be able to tell their business story by the numbers.

We'll make sure you have the financial management foundations in place that will keep you up to date, give you the ability to analyse to inform direction, and be empowered to make sound business decisions.


Step 4 - Write a Marketing and Communications Plan

  • Create a plan that amplifies your marketing messages to reach every corner of your market.
  • Identify who your message needs to reach and where to find them.
  • Set up a customer service plan of excellence that will ensure you not only gain new customers - you also create a team of brand ambassadors.

Now it's time to build. Your marketing will spread the word and create leads, but without a solid sales process, your efforts may go unrewarded. The more niche your market, the more focussed your marketing plans can be and you'll get a better bang for your buck. Follow up with a captivating targeted sales process and watch your conversion rates increase.

We'll ramp up your marketing actions to feed your sales funnel, provide ongoing nurturing to keep educating and enticing your prospective customers, and develop a sales process that creates raving fans.


Step 5 - Refine your Leadership skills

  • Check that your business vision, the 'why' you're doing what you do, clearly aligns with the values that underpin your company's activities.
  • Review your communication systems and staff management procedures to ensure you have a healthy balance between clearly understood expectations and performance enhancing motivation.
  • Develop a healthy workplace culture that encompasses open communication, recognition of outstanding performance and respect for diversity.

With all the pieces of the business jigsaw now put back together, the final piece is often the most overlooked. What sort of leader are you? Are you your brand's best ambassador? Within the business, and externally, the strongest companies know the value of empathetic leadership, strong communication and an alignment between the company's core business values and its actions and impact.

We'll check your business values and how they filter throughout the day to day operations. We'll review communication systems and expectations, and leave no process unaligned.


Step 6 - Identify your Future Scope

  • Take time out to pause and recognise your achievements and the actions you took to create them.
  • Based on your reflections, look to the future and get a head start on your next business growth plans.
  • Celebrate!

Our final meeting will be our opportunity to review and reward. With a summary of all work completed to date, there'll be plenty to celebrate, a chance to consolidate the changes made, and the opportunity to acknowledge what you've learnt along the way. And we'll finish with some blue sky thinking around your business and where to next.

Bonus program inclusions

  • Fortnightly 'Action Accountability' email reminders
  • Mid-month email or phone check in
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Personalised Resources

If you're considering what your next step should be, let's talk. Help me to understand where you're stuck, and where you'd like to be, and we can then decide on the best options for you to achieve your goals. You can contact me here.

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