Small Business, Social Business

Chrissy Crust is the owner and founder of Chrissy Crust Consulting, established in 2012 following a life-changing opportunity to head up Bizness Babes, a Not for Profit program for marginalised women. As Business Coach and Program Manager, Chrissy assisted over 200 women learn the steps to small business start-up. Over 80 new businesses were launched, delivering financial benefits, increased confidence and new networks for the participants, and immeasurable positive social impact for their families, friends and communities.

With over 35 years working in a wide variety of roles in an even wider range of businesses, Chrissy has turned her experiences into a solid body of expertise and empathy that now benefits small business owners and social entrepreneurs. Her commitment to providing affordable services to product and service based business owners is also available to the emerging social enterprise sector.

While Program Manager of Social Enterprises Sydney, a not for profit organisation based in Western Sydney, she experienced first-hand the challenges faced by Social Entrepreneurs. Many had an abundance of passion and commitment to solving a social issue but were often lacking the necessary business skills to create a sustainable business.

As part of her own social responsibility, Chrissy provides pro bono coaching services to selected non-profit organisations and community groups. She also offers mentoring and sponsorship support each year to Carnival of the Bold, the annual Vivid Festival event showcasing the work of Artists for Social Change. She will bring a fresh perspective to your business vision with a flexible approach that meets your needs, while encouraging and guiding you to get off your comfy chair and create your next version small business.

Finalist City of Sydney Business Awards Community and Social Services  2011
Nominee Telstra Business Woman of the Year 2010, 2012
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


Small Business

There are around 2.1 million small businesses in Australia with fewer than 20 employees and many operating from a home-based office by a solo-preneur. Owners often wear many “business hats” especially in the early stages. They regularly have to spend their time running the day to day operations, sacrificing time to work on growth strategies, allowing space for creativity and much needed time out.

Chrissy recognised a gap in the market for small business as they move beyond the start-up and early years and look for strategies and support to grow. They need affordable options that are relevant to their size and situation.

Chrissy Crust Consulting was launched to provide services to meet the needs of small business owners with a variety of affordable options.

Social Business

Social Enterprise as a business model that benefits society has been gaining in popularity since the 1990’s, although it’s history goes back a great deal further. Why shouldn’t business measure success by more than just its economic bottom line? Can a company incorporate a social purpose into its business model and steer a course guided by values and social purpose?

Having spent time working in the not for profit sector, Chrissy has seen first-hand the reduction of funding and grants available for the community sector. At the same time she observed a mismatch between the commitment of social entrepreneurs to their vision for change, and the business skills needed to deliver the necessary revenue.

Chrissy Crust Consulting want to ensure social business has the opportunity to become long-standing, profitable enterprises that can make an ongoing positive social impact.


To strengthen the small and social business sector.


To provide services for entrepreneurs that are relevant to the market,
offer value for money, and support the growth of profitable enterprises.


To operate with honesty, integrity and purpose to build
not just the business but the people too.

To support the growth of business with a social purpose.

To leave a positive impression on those we interact with.