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The fastest way to achieve our business goals is to do only those things that move us toward achieving them. If only it was that simple. The reality is that there are other tasks, other distractions that can take up our time and slow down or even prevent us from reaching them.

Is there a way to better manage our time?

The Rocks, Pebbles and Sand Story

Many years ago I heard the story of the philosophy professor who used an empty jar and a pile of rocks, pebbles and sand to illustrate a way of managing your time and priorities in life. Filling the jar to the top with the rocks, his students agreed the jar was full. There was still room for the pebbles, leaving the class to again agree the jar was full when they'd been added. When sand was poured in to fill the last remaining gaps, the students acknowledged the jar was completely full.

The message being that the jar represents our life. When we focus first on our big rocks, the most important things in our lives, we give them the priority they deserve and we're more likely to achieve them and live a meaningful life. The pebbles are the things that matter, but we could live without them. Or they just may not be as important when compared with our big rocks. And the sand? That's all the other time-consuming tasks we fill our day with, in many cases just time-wasters.

With a little reworking, I use this story as the basis for Big Rocks Mentoring.

Rocks, Pebbles and Sand in business

When we set our business goals, we also decide on a certain number of actions, our big rocks, that will help us achieve them. If we could spend all our time on just those activities, we'd be where we set out to be with goals ticked and a business that's running brilliantly. The reality is we also need to spend time on many other tasks, the pebbles, that keep our business running. Not as important but still required. And then there are the avoidance jobs, the sand. The things we do when we want to be distracted or that we use to postpone doing something scary or challenging.

Your Business Accountability Club

Big Rocks Mentoring starts with a Clarity Session around your annual business goals and the most immediate big rock actions. Each fortnight you and your club members will share any progress you've made on your big rocks and what didn't work. You'll receive advice from the combined brilliance of your fellow business brains, and commit to the next fortnight's actions. It's about keeping your time focussed on your big rocks, while managing your pebbles to fit around them. What about your sand? The first step to changing a habit is to become aware of it, then to own it, and then to create a new habit to take its place. You'll have a fortnightly team of advisors to help you progress toward the business you know you deserve, with a system to help you organise how and where you spend your time and energy.

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