Has your growth stagnated?

Business ownership is often a challenging experience. You invest many hours to manage the multitude of tasks and responsibilities needed to keep the revenue flowing. Before you know it, just running the business is taking all your waking hours and there's no time left for strategic thinking, let alone the activities needed to boost growth.

Whether you're a small business aiming to build an organisation that runs efficiently and returns a healthy profit, or a social enterprise aiming to deliver a positive social impact, the problems encountered by business owners are similar, fixable and preventable.

During my time spent heading a number of Not for Profit organisations and Social Enterprise programs, and during the seven years running my own business, I've helped launch and grow hundreds of small businesses and social ventures. This experience has given me a unique insight into what it takes to create and build a successful business and I'd like to share these skills with you.

If you've already found yourself agreeing with any of the scenarios so far, let's have an open and honest conversation about the business you have right now and the business you'd like to have.

"From the first moment of my first conversation, I had a strong instinct that Chrissy was the right person to work with.  At all times, she treated our project with the highest regard and her high level of expertise shone through in every interaction. I felt very supported and motivated by her passion to have us succeed, and what she prepared for our group was pertinent, positive and exactly what we needed. Chrissy completely understands Social Enterprise and her vast experience has brought her to a place of being able to share and appreciate exactly the process needed to move forward."

Liz Davidson, Our Kitchen Table

Are you ready to put a stop to the overwhelm?

To address the challenges that prevent many small and social businesses moving into the mature growth phase, I've created my 6 Step Small Business Streamline Program, a personally tailored business development and growth program that will get you off the 'busy-ness' treadmill and moving forward with a clear vision of your future success and a well-structured game plan to get you there.

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6 Step Small Business Streamline Program

Are you ready to get off the small business 'busy-ness' treadmill?

Do you often feel overwhelmed by the time it takes to run your business and find you have no time left to dedicate to growing it? Are your systems clunky and inefficient - or possibly even non-existent? Is your business planning more reactive and last minute than based on sound evaluation and research? Have you been in business for five or more years? By that time, you'll have the runs on the board that allow me to see what's worked and what needs to change.

A fresh perspective

If you know you have opportunities for growth but you just can't seem to find the time or the headspace to be able to think about them, let alone act on them, my 6 Step Small Business Streamline Program has been created with you in mind. I've developed a solution that provides you, the business owner, with your own business mentor - someone who's got your back and wants you to succeed.

Over a six month timeframe, we'll work together to dig down into the workings of your business as it is now, identify where the drivers of growth are and set up a clear plan of priorities to execute that will help you  build a new foundation for your next level results.

Each month during our meeting in my Video Conferencing Room, we'll focus on a different segment of your business, ticking off what's working and discarding what's not. We'll rebuild with new procedures and systems, where needed, that build the links to your goals.

Together we'll replenish your energy, prioritise your To Do List and put your ideas into action. Piece by piece your business will be transformed, ready to deliver the results you've worked for.


My 6 Step Small Business Streamline Program explained