We all see business differently. And not every business leader is in it for profit alone.

Most of us are in business to meet a need, and to share our skills and services. Some of us are also in business to  make a positive difference to our communities and the world we live in. At Chrissy Crust Consulting, we're about challenging the status quo and making a difference. We ask: why can't every business have at its heart a social purpose? We build businesses that are purpose-led and profit focused, by developing growth strategies that deliver a positive economic result and a positive social impact.

The health of a business is traditionally based on economic goals that ensure profitability and longevity. It's a single bottom line. But what's stopping every business from adding a second bottom line? Many do already. The business model that benefits the community has existed for hundreds of years. There are a multitude of models that can be used to frame a profit-for-purpose business around.

At Chrissy Crust Consulting, our goal is to make it easy for EVERY business to be purpose-led. From big to small, we can all choose to make a difference through business. Our aim is to increase the awareness and integration of social impact practices into the framework of business in Australia.

Can you do both?

A purpose-led business needs first to know who it wants to help, what they need, and how best to fulfil that need. To create significant and long-lasting social impact, the business itself needs to be healthy, one that is profitable, operationally efficient, with strong brand awareness, committed staff, and clients who are aligned with its values.

We work with 'for-profit' businesses to integrate social impact practices.

We work with 'profit-for-purpose' businesses to integrate best business practices.

And for both, we help create a business that's both profitable and purposeful.

Contact Chrissy today and let's uncover your business and social purpose goals.



What our clients say about us

"Chrissy is truly passionate about helping small and micro businesses to excel. Her enormous experience and advice is delivered with great warmth and openness that's hard to come by
these days. When you're with Chrissy, there's no agenda except yours. She really listens and gives sound, expert advice. It's a pleasure to know her and to recommend her for business coaching and mentoring."
Rosemary Gillespie, Proof Communications
"As a professional speaker, I have worked with Chrissy over a number of years as a guest presenter for Bizness Babes. Chrissy has always impressed me with her breadth of knowledge when working with the emerging businesses and her understanding of the complex issues that surround business start-ups. I have noted the respect and relationship that has developed with the 'bizness babes' candidates and can see for myself that her protégés feel honoured to work with such a motivated and caring professional. I would recommend Chrissy as a coach who possesses solid understanding and incredible motivation!"Kathryn MacMillan, Nine2Five"I met Chrissy Crust when I was invited to her Mid-Morning Mentoring group and have since engaged her as my business coach. If the smile and the beautiful hearty laugh were not enough to engage you, then her knowledge of small business certainly will. Chrissy’s patience, encouragement and help have been invaluable. I’m now launching my new business model and it’s what I have wanted it to be for so many years. If you are looking for a hard hitting, full on business coach, then Chrissy is not your person.  However, if you are looking for someone to make you accountable, who gets you to look inside yourself to find clarity in what you are doing, someone with loads of insight and knowledge of how to grow your small business AND you like to laugh a lot, look no further than the amazing Chrissy Crust."Lorraine Cox, Downsizing With Ease"The Bizness Babes course was a comprehensive program covering all aspects of setting up and running your own business. The connections made within the group created an enriching environment for brainstorming ideas and helping each other get to the next stage of their business. Chrissy's depth of knowledge and logical teaching methods were invaluable to my business journey and successes that it is still reaping the benefits today."Dianne Engesser, Narrative Post, Milestones Photography "Bizness Babes was not only an empowering program to be part of, it also began business relationships that have lasted over more than 7 years, seeing me through many business highs & lows. Women supporting women is everything, & the support of organisations like Bizness Babes to women in our community who are marginalised, is something we need more of."Clare Elsworth, Writer "Bizness Babes was an opportunity to learn skills that I could not have afforded to learn otherwise. It taught me how to come up with a business idea, determine its viability and take first steps in terms of product, pricing and promotion. As a result, I wound down my previous business and started a new one, which has been viable enough to give me a side-income. The benefits it has given me in terms of increased confidence and my ability to make informed decisions, resulting in increased autonomy and independence cannot be understated."Eva Lane, Anxious Relief"Chrissy Crust brings a wealth of knowledge to her mentoring sessions, always has a positive attitude and guided me well during the two years I have been working with her. She has a deep understanding for women in business, single mums and is always there to assist and accompany on your journey. I can recommend Chrissy Crust as a reliable, very professional Mentor and Coach."Ilona Vass, Dancing With The Dragons "Business Babes was instrumental in laying the foundation for my growth & development in setting up a small business. I've have started three amazing businesses since my graduation from Bizness Babes 10 years ago, the core principles taught are still the go to process I follow when starting any business to this day. It was practical, all-encompassing training that has been invaluable to me in setting up my own businesses."Jane Buchanan, Cheese To You, Colour Me Beetroot, "Bizness Babes was life changing for me. Doing the course has led to over a decade of various business ventures. It was a great program that has had long term positive effects empowering young women"Kristy Pastor, Twinnovations, Energemz "Bizness Babes was such a fantastic experience. From start to finish I gained so much knowledge and understanding of business and what it takes to be successful. I am truly grateful for the foundation that Bizness Babes gave to me, to not only build a business, but build my skills and my confidence."Monique Pastor, Twinnovations, Energemz "Bizness Babes was the catalyst for me starting my business 8 years ago. It taught me the fundamentals in all practical aspects of running my successful business, from marketing, tax, identifying my customer. Chrissy has been and continues to be one of the most influential women whose advice and guidance I value enormously."Tracie Nutley, Honeybee Homewares