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Back in my first year of business I was discussing the reality of small business life with a group of solo business women. There was a wide range of reasons for loving our entrepreneurial days. But there were two issues that were major contributors to our success in our previous working lives that none of us had been able to replicate.

The Two Greatest Challenges - Isolation and accountability

We missed our ideas team, our sounding boards and cheer squads. And we missed being held accountable to someone. Yes we were all very responsible to ourselves and our stakeholders. But speaking your goals out loud to your team and breaking down how you’re going to achieve them can be the difference between dreaming - and achieving.

And so Mid Morning Mentor was born

We know that when women come together around the table for a common goal, magic happens. With a cup of coffee even better! Mid Morning Mentor gives you the opportunity to create that magic. To share your genius as well as your challenges. It’s a circular exchange that gives and receives.

Mid Morning Mentor is a mastermind group who will hold you accountable, offer ideas and advice to help you find solutions to your problems, and cheer you on enthusiastically when you succeed. We do the work right there at the table. Yes there’s a networking element to our gatherings. However, it’s not a meet and swap cards type of event. You will set goals for the year, break them down into smaller monthly chunks, and decide on actions that will lead you to achieve them. And then you’ll share them with your team around the table. They’ll offer advice and they’ll expect the same back from you. It’s a commitment each month to turn up and step up.

Alongside the work, it’s a place to recharge and refresh, to get away from the isolation of small business and grow your skills and knowledge.

Are you ready to join our business growth club?

Contact Chrissy now to book your seat at the table of business brilliance.

“MMM is my monthly business mastermind group, where I refocus and work 'ON' my business, a great supporting group of women with a wealth of knowledge. I love being a part of this community.”

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