We offer a range of ways you can begin and grow your social business

Business Clarity Session - A single meeting, one-on-one consultation to take a close look at your business with fresh eyes. To start, we uncover your social purpose; exactly where and how do you want to make a difference? What would that look like within your existing business model? Then it's an in-depth review of your current business structure, operations and performance. Over the course of 2 hours, we'll map your path to success, based around a compelling social purpose. You'll get the clarity you need to give you and your business the boost you've been waiting for.

Business Mentoring for Growth - Having a plan is the first step, doing what needs to be done-day-to-day to achieve it can be a whole other issue. Enlisting the help of a mentor is recognised by many business owners as the number one factor in their success. We'll meet online each month and check in by phone two weeks later so you get the right support to keep you motivated and on track, while giving you the time to take action and enjoy your business again.

Business Mentoring Groups - Big Rocks Mentoring is an accountability club for women who mean business. A fortnightly online mastermind group that keeps you accountable to your goals throughout the year. Before you start, we'll make sure you're clear on your annual goals so they can be broken down each month into achievable steps. Your fellow members will listen to your challenges and share their business brilliance to help you with ideas and solutions, and cheer your successes, as you will do for them.

Social Business Start Up - Better World Business is an online or workshop style three month program designed to guide change-makers through the steps to starting a social impact business from home. We chunk the steps down into monthly modules that build your business plans as you go. We can all make a difference - and it doesn't have to be big. Ideal for retirees, mums and carers, those looking for a fresh start, or anyone who dreams of operating a small purpose-led business from a home base.

Keynote Speaking Topic - How to Create a Successful Social Business takes the audience on a discovery of the social business model. From the definition, through the history, Australia's leading social enterprise expert, Chrissy Crust, covers the various models and innovative ways businesses have become a force for good. Closing with case studies of local and international social businesses, this presentation is guaranteed to leave the listeners inspired to consider how we can all create positive change or support those who do.